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I just started in normal and I got RAPED even before building my first turret by at least 40 orange ships and 3 big ships ._.

When you pause the game

You always end up having a ball at a second or two from hitting the barrier. Even when there was not even one ball in the screen before.

I wish..

THIS had newground medals..


For a first try out this isn't all that bad.

To get through the second level is easy, just ignore the 3rd tank and kill the helicopters. And, the last picture isn't a big deal, I was expecting a better reward for getting through this game.

You should make easier but more common minions so you extend the gameplay time.

On your next solo, try to work a bit more on those backgrounds, good luck.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:


Yea, it's not a very good reward. I just wanted to finish the game about halfway through lvl 2, that's why it sucks. I made the heli's insta kill, cuz other wise you could've just sat there and let it scroll and win without doing anything.


Every time you use your sword, there appears a "Flying sword" that moves slowly trough the map.

TheBlueberryHill responds:

Yes. That is your sword.

oh.. GOD

I really HATE when it gets stuck up of one of those gates

Not stupid..

..I could say that even interesting.

But as a flash, it have got from little to no future.


Every medal but as I wasn't getting'em in the same day, I have to win them all again to get artifact 19..

Nice thing you have here ^^

I'm one of the voters who got you outta judgment, and since the first watch, I knew that this had potential.

I'm not going to get into hard things for you to improve, just, a few. Those "Notes", for me, are the difference between your game and this one: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /527013

Needless to say, I like yours way more. So please, keep it up with the "Art of writing", and make some good history behind the "Keep the walls" I dunno, but men, a good story, a few characters which movements you follow alongside your survival or defeat.. that would make this game just and simply, per-fect.

Something more that I can say, is that, a bigger map, or the chance to split your domains (Because of a zombie atack or whatever) so that you keep two groups of survivors under your hand, would be Awesome.


I was getting the last chest in Vegetable forest and when I just realized that the navigator unlogged me..

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